"In a classic experiment, the psychologist J. Philippe Rushton gave 140 elementary- and middle-school-age children tokens for winning a game, which they could keep entirely or donate some to a child in poverty. They first watched a teacher figure play the game either selfishly or generously, and then preach to them the value of taking, giving or neither. The adult’s influence was significant: Actions spoke louder than words. When the adult behaved selfishly, children followed suit. The words didn’t make much difference — children gave fewer tokens after observing the adult’s selfish actions, regardless of whether the adult verbally advocated selfishness or generosity. When the adult acted generously, students gave the same amount whether generosity was preached or not — they donated 85 percent more than the norm in both cases. When the adult preached selfishness, even after the adult acted generously, the students still gave 49 percent more than the norm. Children learn generosity not by listening to what their role models say, but by observing what they do."

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"Since we first met I have loved you with whatever I had to love you with."

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*does drake spirit fingers*


drake got me thinkin bout my ex and i dont even have an ex

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"That’s why I like you… You are so busy being you that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are."

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They will never make a boxer that doesn’t rise.


I have this friend who snapchats me when he’s high and I just

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Coming of Age day under the snow in Tokyo (by balbo42)

Coming of Age day under the snow in Tokyo (by balbo42)

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