1. "I will love you if I never see you again, and I will love you if I see you every Tuesday."
    — Lemony Snicket 

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    Me at work

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    Bernard Hinault at the 1980 Liege Bastogne Liege in Belgium. Of the 174 starters, only 21 finished. Hinault rode solo for the last 50 miles, of the 151 mile race, through a blizzard and won by 9:24

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    Daaaaayum, you an ugly Ogre. @surlybikes #alfine #intheshop

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    Bin Thanh House in Vietnam.

    Vo Trong Nghia Architects has completed ‘Binh Thanh House’, a residence which responds to the region’s tropical climate through its blurred division of internal and external space. Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, the house was designed for two families; a couple in their sixties and their son’s couple with a child.

    Against a backdrop of this duality, the concept of the house is to accommodate two different lifestyles in a tropical climate; one is a natural and traditional lifestyle, utilizing natural lighting and ventilation, and the other is a modern and well-tempered lifestyle with mechanical equipments such as air-conditioners.
    Spaces for modern lifestyle are allocated in three floating volumes wrapped by concrete pattern blocks. Between volumes are two in-between spaces covered by glasses and widely open to the exterior, where the residents enjoy their natural life with wind, sunlight, green and water.

    Photography by Oki Hiroyuki

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